Bhrigu Lake and Trekking in Manali, Manali-Kinnaur-Spiti

Bike Sightseeing Tour

The roads in Manali are full of traffic during tourist season. Car, buses, trucks flow one after one like a stream. Sometimes they all stuck during rush hours and it takes a lot of time to get out of this crowd of vehicles. As a result many of the tourists choose to ride around Manali on motorbikes. The freedom of travelling by motorbike is unmatched. You can do what you want and you are not confined to anyone’s schedule but your own. On motorbike you can freely enjoy the scenes around. You can see the road in front of you and the beautiful scenery to your left and right. Renting a motorbike or a scooty for a day is probably the best way to explore the hill station of Manali.
Himalayan Mountain Sojourns has its own fleet of motorbikes, and apart from organizing motorbike tours to Trans Himalayas of Ladakh and Spiti it rents out bikes for sightseeing purpose within Manali.

Enfield – 350CC
Per day Rent —- 1000 to 1350

Enfield – 500CC
Per day Rent —- 1200 to 1500

Enfield – Himalayan
Per day Rent —- 1500 to 1800

Thunderbird – 350CC
Per day Rent —- 1000 to 1200

Per day Rent —- 500 to 800

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