Acclimatization walk around the camp:

Bhrigu Lake and Trekking in Manali

To make you familiar with the climate and environment of the place it is necessary that you go out for a walk around the camp in open. While walking, guide will talk about the place, surrounding mountain ranges, peaks, rivers, and villages.

Walk along the mountain waterfall:

Bhrigu Lake and Trekking in Manali

With the gurgling sound of a mountain stream a walk will be as pleasant as doing a catwalk on the ramp. The water flowing over rocks makes waterfalls. Laying prostrate beside the waterfall you’ll find yourself lost in nowhere. Basking in the sun you will feel a beach side joy.

Wild craft, bush craft:

Bhrigu Lake and Trekking in Manali

Till now you will be well acclimatized and well settled in the camp to take some adventure activity. Tied in one rope you are to cross a mountain slope full of bushes and shrubs. It will give you lot of fun, confidence and bruises that heals itself in the pure environment of mountains.

Walk up the hill:

Bhrigu Lake and Trekking in Manali, Apple Orchard Camp

After acclimatization walk while shifting to the higher camp i.e. to Silver Oak Camp, the next day; you may need to negotiate some gradient slopes. Here you can observe how mountain scenes change after every few meters of ascending. As you climb up the surrounding mountains will seem growing up with you towering high and high.

Camping in snow:

Bhrigu Lake and Trekking in Manali

Yes it is the ecstasy – We have taken you to the great beauty and grandeur of nature. Now you are in the high and beautiful environs of nature where you are face to face with the real creation of god, about which most of us read only in the Holy Scripture or the imaginary poems. In the snowy mountains one gets lost in the thoughts of nature and its beauty that he does not want to be disturbed by anybody.


Bhrigu Lake and Trekking in Manali

Rappelling is a method of controlled descending over steep rock, snow or ice by sliding down a fixed single or double rope. For a beginner, it is quite thrilling when his instructor hangs him on a big rock face tied in a rope to descend down. As descending down demands less stamina, it is easy and confidence booster when the beginner in rock climbing finds that big rock faces can be negotiated at- least upside down.

Snow walk:

Bhrigu Lake and Trekking in Manali

A walk in a fairyland! Probably it would be a first experience for you to be in snow. Walking in snow is a tiring exercise. Your heart wants to run yelling in joy to take the word into your arms but legs do not support your wishes. Hobbling, tumbling and falling down you try to traverse the slope somehow. Camping in snow and ice is quite different from ordinary camping and involves some technical points, which may be kept in mind while setting up a camp on snow. Our guides and staff show their skill and experience here and make your stay pleasant even in these adverse conditions.

High altitude meadows camp:

Bhrigu Lake and Trekking in Manali, Silver Oak Camp

Camping in the snow is not possible in rainy and autumn seasons, as the snow recedes up to the height that is accessible only for the climbers and mountaineers. Therefore, you cannot enjoy the fun of being on the snow but you have an equally pleasant opportunity to camp on the Himalayan pastures and meadows above the tree line. If Snow Camp in spring and summer gives you snow white view of the mountains, the high altitude meadows camp in monsoon make it totally white out for you and then in a sudden may show you an open view of bathed all dripping lush green hillocks which make the crown of that big mountain. Here you can study the life style of shepherds and know how the cows and the horses live when left to feed on these pastures in the summer.

Jungle walk around the camp:

Bhrigu Lake and Trekking in Manali, Silver Oak Camp

During jungle walk you will be introduced to the Himalayan flora and fauna. The vegetation and animal life on the Himalayas is as varied as its latitudes. Mostly on this altitude the pine forests occupy the most of the mountain slopes. Walking through the pine forests by itself gives a feeling of adventure and thrill to the visitors. And the Himalayan birds and animals may give you a surprise by their sudden appearance before you. Besides this there will be a lot more to arouse curiosity, you raise your eyes in one direction and have many questions to ask, really a tough time for our guide facing a volley of questions

Besides this, we have some activities in secret for you. We will not unfold that secret here but those activities will prove once in lifetime experience for you.

Apart from this you will be given the demonstration on rock climbing, snow climbing, skiing and rappelling. As these are adventure activities your participation in these activities is optional.

Thus your stay at Himalayan Mountain Sojourns in general is divided as:

  • the acclimatization
  • the woodland
  • high altitude meadows camp
  • fairy land of snows
  • local sight seeing